Schrumpf – free and fast batch image scaling


Schrumpf (German for ’shrink‘) is a Java desktop application to do batch image reizing. The main features are:

  • Easy: Easy usability (my mother is able to use it and she loves it!)
  • Localized: Localized with English and German locales
  • Performance: Good performance using all of the machines available hardware threads

How does it look like?

Screenshot German
Screenshot German
Screenshot English
Screenshot English

The screen shots show the German and the English graphical user interfaces of Schrumpf. You can click on the images to view the full sized versions of the screen shots.

At the moment German and English is supported, but support for other languages is welcome (see participate below).


The requirements are at the moment only an installed Java Runtime 7+.


Releases can be found on Github. You can download the current files here:


Functional overview

There are modules in Schrumpf that can be switched on and off depending on your needs. Schrumpf is optimized for batch processing of images. This means it can operate on a bunch of images without the need for per-image interaction.

The modules are:

  • Change size: Change the size of the image by scaling it down (or up) to a target size. The aspect ratio can be kept to avoid cumbersome looking images.
  • Change file format: Change the file format, for example to PNG or JPG.
  • Change file name: The target files usually need different names than the source files, otherwise the source images would get overwritten. The target files can be either located in a different folder, or be renamed according to a simple naming schema. Prefixes to the file name can be added as well as suffixes.

Current status

Schrumpf is working and operating as expected. Work and participation is very anticipated. There’s only two conditions:

  • My mother should still be able to use it.
  • Keep the code quality high (or even better, improve it).

There is some very basic Debian package generation shell scripting voodoo which creates a working Debian package.


If you want to participate in this project, you can do so by issueing your pull requests on the github schrumpf project.


Schrumpf is licensed under GPL 2.0.